Brand New Start

I’m transforming and re-activating this blog. Before the posts were in Dutch and mainly focused on forging habits and productivity experiments.

From now on, it will be more radical. Together with my cousin, David, I’ll be doing all kind of experiments. More social, more uncomfortable.

We want to break the comfort zone of ourselves and of others. We want to lose the shame and fear attitude that’s dominant throughout the Western world.

Enstrangement will make us more creative and self-confident. Our social challenges will improve our skills for connecting with almost every human being.

Finally our willpower and meditative challenges will give os a stronger spirit.

We sincerely hope this blog will inspire others to do the same, break free and explore your borders.

30 Days without sugar

Tomorrow, Augustus the 13th, I will start a new 30 day challenge. Living 30 days without refined sugar.

From wikimedia commons

From wikimedia commons

I guess living healthy is quite easy: sleep more than 7.5 hours per night, move for at least 20 minutes everyday (cycling and walking is good enough) and eat healthy. Healthy food is a dangerous research zone however, a lot of companies want you to buy their ”superfoods” like chia seeds or goiji berries, which are total scams. If my research taught me one thing it is there are no superfoods and no other magical healthy potions that will cure you from your bad habits.

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Cold showers

We both want to feel stronger and harden against the cold. I, Sven, will do a course by Wim Hof alias the Iceman for his Innerfire methWim_Hofod: a scientifically proved method to control your autonome nervous system and improving your imune system. Aside breathing techniques he strongly recommends cold showers and ice baths.

We both succeeded forging the habit of showering cold everytime we take a shower. Sometimes cold-hot-cold, most of the times entirely cold. For me it also solved the problem of feeling sleepy, hours after waking up. Cold showers give you a wake-up schock like 3 cups of coffee would.

A link to the official site of Wim Hof:

Sit or Stand

Comfort Challenge: Sit or Stand

De uitdaging: op een vervreemdende manier op een publieke plaats stilstaan of zitten gedurende 5 minuten.

Het doel: het verbreden van je grenzen en gêne, vervreemding creëren in het leven van anderen en uit het niets iets scheppen.

Ik beet het spits af en stond op opdracht van mijn neefje op de rand van een bruggetje op de Heemraadsingel, met mijn hoofd tegen een lantarenpaal aan, ogen gesloten gedurende 5 minuten.

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